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My newest Deviations. :la:


Zombie Chibi WIP by RuffPuff
Zombie Chibi WIP
So I haven't uploaded any 3D models here yet. That's because most of what I've been doing hasn't been original, just me following tutorials and I feel that isn't worth uploading. However, in my class we recently got to do this Halloween competition, even though here in Australia Halloween isn't really celebrated. :la: We had a two week deadline, I think.

We got to decide our own design, and I came up with this "chibi" styled character who is a zombie, and is missing both of her eyes and a bit of her skull. I imagine that's because she's a zombie and someone has tried to defend themselves (I also imagine they failed, lol).

So here are some shots I took while making her. She still isn't finished yet. I don't have Mudbox at home, so I'd have to finish in-class. :D

Made with 3DS Max and Mudbox.
Playing with colour by RuffPuff
Playing with colour
I was playing with this for a while. It feels like whenever I do draw digitally, I'm just playing with colours. Oh well. :B

Oh, and a tree inspired this if you're wondering. She has branches in her hair, I think that's pretty cool. xD
*Gets on PC to study*
*Goes on DA instead*

Hello to anyone reading this, I just wanted to say I'm back online now. The internet in this house is $40 more then in the last house, though, so I don't know if I'll be here in four months, but I'd say it's likely I will be. :)

Stuff has happened since my last journal. We got a house, I started my course (it's in game design), and we got the internet on.

Uhh... so yeah, happy to be back online. Maybe I'll post more drawings soon. Also, in my course I'm learning animation basics, so maybe I can find a cheap rip-off of Flash (what GIMP is to Photoshop) for the home PC one day and make something to put up here.
... Now that I've typed that, it seems sort of obvious that I'll do that one day. >_> Why wouldn't I? xD
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